Rates & Terms

Rates & Terms of Business

Transcription Rates

Business Friend’s transcription rates are based on numerous factors, for example to transcribe an interview that requires proofreading only by the transcriber and is not urgent will be significantly cheaper than a focus group transcript required within 48 hours and with additional proofreading by a quality checker, therefore please use the below as a guide but contact us for our detailed rate card or a personalised quote.

Please note additional discounts are available for transcription projects containing over 50 recorded hours.

  • Single Speaker Dictation – 90p for 5 day turnaround, £1.15 for 2 day turnaround
  • One to One Interviews – £1.00 for 5 day turnaround, £1.35 for 2 day turnaround
  • Focus Groups (example is for 5 speakers) – £1.35 for 5 day turnaround, £1.75 for 2 day turnaround

Copy Typing Rates

As with our transcription services, copy typing rates can also be affected by required turnaround time and quality of the text from which we are typing, therefore the below is a guide and a personalised quote can be provided on request.

  •  Typing from printed text – from £7.50 – £10.00 per 1000 words
  •  Typing from handwritten text – from £8.50 – £11.00 per 1000 words

Our Terms of Business, which is available upon request, is included with any quotations and confirms our confidentiality promise and details of our working methods. At Business Friend we are happy to sign additional confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements as appropriate for each client.

Please note Business Friend Limited is not VAT registered, so the above rates are all that is charged.

Please contact us to find out more.