Transcription Procedure

Transcription & Copy Typing Procedure

Transcription & Copy Typing Procedure

How you send your recording to Business Friend for transcribing depends on how the recording has been produced (please see How to Record for Professional Transcription for further information). Clients can post their mini, micro and standard cassette analogue recordings to Business Friend for transcription, along with DVDs and CDs with files in formats such as WMA, MP3, WAV, DSS and VOB. Free second class return of these items is included in Business Friend’s rate.

A quicker (and cheaper!) option is to use Business Friend’s free upload facility for digital transcription. Once you decide to use Business Friend’s transcription service, you will be provided with a password to enable you to securely upload your audio files to arrive directly into Business Friend’s inbox, saving postage costs and time!

Your recording will then be transcribed into a Word document, either in Business Friend’s standard template or into a template of your choice. Included in Business Friend’s audio transcription rate is line numbering and time stamping of any inaudible or guessed words, for example [inaudible 1.56] or [Green Street 2.32], making it easier for clients to amend the transcript if necessary or to make references on the transcript to assist with your project. Of course these guessed words or inaudibles are kept to a minimum, and in six years of providing transcription services we have received only positive feedback on the quality of our transcripts, whether carried out for Oral History or university research projects, interviews, focus groups or conferences. A record we are proud of and plan to maintain!

Once completed, the transcript will be returned by email, password protected if required for confidential projects. The digital sound file will then be retained by Business Friend for 14 days should any amendments be required by the client, and will then be permanently deleted from any Business Friend computer, and DVDs or CDs returned by second class post.

Of course this process may not be suitable for everyone, for example you may require the sound file to be deleted immediately, or CDs destroyed rather than posted. Business Friend prides itself on its flexibility and is happy to discuss alternative transcription or audio typing procedures for any project you may require our services for. Please just contact us with your requirements!

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