Audio Typing Services

Business Friend’s Audio Typing Services

Business Friend’s Audio Typing service is perfect for all businesses, from SMEs to large corporations.  We can type dictated letters, reports and surveys as well as conference calls and disciplinary hearings.

Audio typing can be carried out from a wide range of digital sound files, including MP3, MP4, DSS, WMA, WAV, VOB and telephone recordings, using our own template or adhering to your business’s in-house style for consistency across your documents.

As with our Transcription and Copy Typing services, our method of working is secure, simple and effective:

  1. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, such as the nature of the audio typing services required, templates and deadlines, to receive an accurate quote.  Our standard rate table is available to view here.
  2. We will provide you with a password to upload your recordings straight to Business Friend via our secure encrypted upload facility.
  3. We will contact you to confirm receipt of your sound files and recording lengths.
  4. You will receive your document in MS Word via email within the timeframe specified, password protected if required for additional security.
  5. We will invoice you for the works carried out for payment via BACs, cheque or PayPal.

Audio typing and transcription can be easily confused, so if you cannot find information on the type of audio typing service you require below, please either contact us or browse Transcription Services as your specialist area may be covered on this page.

  • Letter Dictation
  • Conference Calls
  • HR & Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Market Research
  • Property
  • Speeches
  • Conferences

Before you begin recording, you may wish to read our Recording Tips article which will help you to create a good recording for producing a great document!

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