Copy Typing Services

Business Friend’s Copy Typing Services

Business Friend’s professional copy typing services can be used to create documents from handwritten notes or scanned documents.

Using advanced MS Word skills, our experienced typists will ensure fonts, headings, headers, footers and margins are used consistently throughout the document and can create tables and columns if required.  We can even produce a bespoke template for your project or business as part of our copy typing service so all your future documentation will have a consistent style.

As with Business Friend’s Transcription Services and Audio Typing Services, our copy typing services provide a simple and effective way of working:

  1. Please contact us to discuss your project particulars, for example the original source of text, template required and deadlines, to receive a quote.  Our standard rate table is available to view here.
  2. We will provide you with a password to upload your scanned notes or document straight to Business Friend via our secure encrypted upload facility, or they can be posted if preferred, ideally by courier or Royal Mail Special Delivery.
  3. We will contact you to confirm receipt.
  4. You will receive your typed document in MS Word via email within the timeframe specified, password protected if required for extra security.
  5. We will invoice you for the works provided for payment via BACs, cheque or PayPal.

An example of some of the documents we can copy type are:

Company Policies
Essays and Dissertations
Health & Safety Reports
Surveys and Questionnaires

Please note it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure any copy typing carried out adheres to copyright laws that may apply to the original text.

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