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Academic Proofreading Services

Business Friend’s academic proofreading services are led by specialists in the field of academia.  Our aim to ensure your final essay, dissertation, thesis or article is consistent throughout and referenced accurately, putting the final touches to all your hard work.

We can provide academic proofreading services in the below areas, in either UK/British or US/American English:

  • Publications
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Essays
  • Manuscripts
  • Academic reports
  • Educational journals
  • Articles
  • Book projects
  • Book chapters
  • Book reviews
  • Cross referencing

Reduced proofreading rates are available for subsequent edits to your document.  For example, if a journal requires you to make revisions to your manuscript after it has been reviewed, we will apply a reduced proofreading re-submission rate to your amended document.

For doctoral theses, we are pleased to offer a pre-viva and post-viva proofreading service.  Once you have made the required edits to your thesis following any comments made by your examination panel, we would be pleased to proofread your thesis again at a reduced post-viva rate.

Our proofreading method is simple and effective:

  1. Our standard proofreading rates are available to view here, but please contact us to discuss your project particulars, such as the type of proofreading services required, templates and deadlines, to receive an accurate quote.
  2. We will provide you with a password to upload your document straight to Business Friend via our secure encrypted file transfer facility, alternatively you can email documents if preferred.
  3. We will contact you to confirm receipt of your document and to clarify your requirements.
  4. You will receive your proofread document in a Word and / or PDF document via email within the timeframe specified, password protected for extra security if required. You will also receive a copy of the document highlighting the changes made during the proofreading process for ease of reference.
  5. We will invoice you for the works provided for payment via BACs, cheque or PayPal.

Business Friend has built a solid client base through recommendations and you can depend on us to provide a high quality, confidential and reliable service to meet all your academic proofreading needs, with a simple rate of just 1p per word.

Please contact us for further information.

Disclaimer – Business Friend’s academic proofreading service does not guarantee successful submission of its client’s documents.

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